About 5 years ago I started the task of researching all the rural schools of the Wairarapa with the aim of writing a book. However 3,206 pages and 1,346,090 words, unfinished, later I have decided to publish as NOTES all my research on the web for anyone to peruse. These are full notes allowing the user to use and edit how they wish.

I spent all 40 years of my Teaching career in the Wellington area (Except for 1 year at Denniston) and until Tomorrow’s Schools came along for the Wellington Education Board. 35 of those years as Principal. I went to Primary School at Muritai (Eastbourne)

I taught at Te Horo, Featherston, Denniston, Marima, Horoeka, South Featherston and Cornwall Street. So 38 years in the Wairarapa Bush area.

I have used the Wairarapa Archives extensively and give special thanks to Gareth, Neil and Jenny for their superb support, help and patience. I have used Papers Past web site and Google for extra in depth research. Finally I used National Archives in Wellington regularly, to use Wellington Education Board material stored there. I visited Auckland Archives as well (Another visit needed) where the service was brilliant.

Thanks to Elaine, my wife who has fully supported me in the hours of effort and long absences as I worked on a rewarding and enjoyable experience